Tooth Sensitivity - How To Prevent

Tooth a sharp shooting and sudden pain..we feel while eating something cold,hot or kind of sweets...once it starts lasts long..very difficult to cover..can disturbs your routine life..

Why it happens so sudden..??? There are many factors or reasons that are responsible, like tooth decay,worn enamel layer(a white,hardest layer of tooth),cracked tooth,or gums diseases due to which dentine get expose and further causing decays and sensitivity.

Due to enamel loss dentinal layer gets exposed which is a very sensitive layer of a tooh. We cant recover this enamel loss and exposed dentinal tubes.But we can block these opened channels by using some medications.


If  your sensitivity is mild to can use a medicated toothpaste specialy made for sensitive teeth.Lot s of products are there in the market these days.Choose a product as your comfort.Use it for 1 or 2 weeks..then see the results..

If sensitivity does not means you have got hypersensitive tooth.
You should immediately visit your nearest dentist,have full oral check up and have proper treatment done as suggested by them. best advice to all of its always better to maintain your oral hygiene from begining to avoid these tooth problems.Do your regular dental check ups once in a year at least.. In my next article i will focus on this topic of daily routine of oral health care.

So..keep smiling. :-)


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