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Diastema (Teeth Gaps) - which is the best treatment option

A gap between upper front teeth is call diastema. Its the most common cosmetic dental problem, caused by many factors like,
Thumb sucking habit- Habits generally leads to dental problems.In children thumb sucking habits pushes his front teeth in forward direction causing spaces between teeth.High labial frenum - Its a piece of tissue between front two teeth, when it become over sized a space between those teeth occurs.Imbalance between shapes of teeth and jaws- When there is mismatch between size of jaws and shape of teeth then it creates unnecessary space between teeth.Gum diseases - gum diseases affects bone health causing teeth movement and spaces. Various treatment options are available for this problem.since the types of gaps between the teeth differs in size, every case require different treatment approach.Giving some examples of types of diastema with pictures and accordingly their treatment options.

1. This type of gaps can b filled by using composite filling material which is…