Know Your Tooth-Be Friends Forever

Friends...we are blessed with 32 beautiful pearls..yeahh our TEETH.

A tooth... is a living thing made up of 3 important layers..i.e ENAMEL..DENTINE and PULP as shown below, surrounded by soft tissues..gums and bone around.

PULP is very sensitive n vital part of our tooth, its the first to b formed during tooth development, then DENTIN and ENAMEL layer.Pulp contains blood vessels and nerves which r responsible for vitality of tooh,it nourishes a tooth. In childrens pulp is very large in size but as it becomes dentine and enamel layers get deposited..

DENTINE is the second most layer of a tooh,very sensitive to hot and cold things if exposed by decay create a sharp shooting pain in tooth.Its very soft in nature,Yellowish in colour.

Sometimes we all get surprized to see our teeth turning yellow.Bt happens due to enamel layer loss...vry slowly. We cant rebuild this layer..our teeth becomes vry sensitive to hot.cold, and sweets..then we use sensitivity toothpaste.

ENAMEL is hardest layer of all. white in colour..less sensitive. its very important to protect this layer, by using very soft..non abrasive brush...less acidic drinks...less sweets...maintaining proper oral hygiene.


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